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What is Sys-Con, LLC.?

Sys-Con, LLC. is a comprehensive construction company that specializes of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, maintenance, general services in automobile and industrial plant as well as the installation of process line and equipments of try-out phase.
The construction services is based on Lump-Sum or Time & Materials upon Client's request.
The cost, which we supply, is best economic and we believe the projects shall be on time or early completion with high quality.
The company's field of business includes civil engineering, architecture and plant construction, and it is now striving to expand into the housing and remodeling sectors.

How do I get a subscription to your newsletter?

Even though we are grateful for your keen interest in Sys-Con, LLC., we regret that there is no newsletter available for public subscription just yet.

Where can I find contact information for different departments?

Departmental contact information can be found on the website, and may be accessed through the About Sys-Con, LLC. > Organization Chart tabs.
Inquires via phone are also welcomed. (Tel: 334-281-1520, Fax: 334-281-1519)

Where can I find information about job vacancies?

Job vacancies are posted as specific needs arise based on the company's human resources strategy.
More detailed information about careers at Sys-Con, LLC. may be obtained from the company's General Affairs Team.