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Design Build

Key to SYS-CON Construction's ability to successfully deliver projects through the construction management module is the continuity of the team from the preconstruction phase through the construction phase. Their early involvement, their understanding of the project design, and their plan for construction implementation all enable the project to transition efficiently into the construction phase, ensuring the completion date is achieved.
During the construction phase, our focus shifts to continuously monitor manpower, quality, schedule, and project costs to fully implement the intent of the design.

More and more clients are selecting to the design-build process for their capital projects, turning the tables on low-cost contractor selection in favor of the best value, history of engineer and contractor relations, and the team's ability to function collaboratively.
Embracing the design-build philosophy has proven to increase opportunities for innovation while providing the potential to shorten the overall project schedule - a win-win situation for all members of the team.

Advantages of design-build include:

♣   Single point of accountability and contact for the client
♣   Risk is shifted to the design-builder, reduced risk for the client
♣   Ability for the client to select the contractor and engineer based on qualifications and historical success
♣   Project cost is determined based on a budget so the client knows the project cost early in the design
     process, not when the bids come in
♣   Projects are completed faster than conventional design-bid-build
♣   Constructability is built into the project since the contractor is involved throughout the design, resulting in
     lower costs and higher quality