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The ability to self-perform is what allows Sys-Con LLC to consistently produce remarkable work.
In an industry where many construction companies are limited in their self-perform capabilities, or simply choose to subcontract work to reduce fixed overhead, we take a different approach.
We bring what the job demands to the work site, creating the appropriate mix of expert construction management service and hands-on self-performance to best serve the interests of our clients.
The ability to use our own people and our own resources gives us a distinctive edge in controlling the construction schedule and producing the highest quality work. Self-performing is another way to demonstrate accountability and achieve the best value for our clients.

We perform the following:

♣   Concrete
♣   Masonry
♣   Steel
♣   Earthwork
♣   Selective demolition
♣   Miscellaneous and structural steel
♣   Carpentry

Our competitors simply can't match Sys-Con's depth of experience.
Sys-Con's history of self-perform construction provides our project teams with the knowledge and expertise to serve as construction manager and self-perform builder with equal effectiveness.